Frequently Asked Questions

First you need to Register your company with Advance Credit Reports Inc. You can click the Register button up top. After which you must obtain a rental application from your prospective tenant. You can either Call/Fax/Mail us your Credit Report request with the following information: The Tenant's Full Name, Social Security Number, and Current Address. Make sure your applicant has signed a waiver form granting you permission to run their credit report. You must keep their application and waiver for 2 years to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit.

Good credit reports are based on a case-by-case situation. In general you want an applicant with 0 public records, 0 collections, 0 defaulted accounts, and less than 40% of their income being taken up by monthly payments. Click on Examples up top for more information.

No!! By law the landlord that ran the credit report is designated as the END-USER of the report. It is unlawful to show that credit report to anyone.

Yes. The entire reason for running a report is to find out if your applicant is a good investment for your rental property. However, it is unlawful to decline an applicant based on:

1. Sex
2. Religion
3. Amount of kids
4. Sexual Preference
5. Race
6. Physical/Mental Disabilities

If you run a credit report and it comes back as a no-hit, you are allowed 1 free Re-Run of that report. For instance if the Social Security Number you were given by your applicant was invalid or if your applicant's handwriting was illegible and resulted in a clerical error.

It is always a good idea to get as much information about your applicant as possible. The more you know about your applicant’s history and credit the better. If you feel you need to run a criminal background on your applicant you can, and you are allowed to decline someone based on their criminal background.

Yes you can. However, you must charge each applicant the exact same amount.

We are not a personal investigation service.

No, we currently use Trans Union.

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